Pipette Tip of the Month – February

This month's pipette tip.

This month we have narrowed down the best pipette tip to keep your lab moving in the right direction. Having a proper pipette storage protocol in your lab can help improve your pipette’s accuracy and longevity. Here are a few quick tips to keep in mind when creating a protocol for your pipette storage:  

Pipette Tip #1) Store your pipette upright.

Storing your pipette in an upright position (I.E. in a stand) will prevent any liquids that may have been sucked up into the pipette from getting any further inside and corroding the pipette

Pipette Tip #2) Store pipettes at the highest volume.  

Mechanical pipettes use a spring loaded piston assembly to adjust the volume. Storing your pipette at the highest volumes reduces the stress placed on the spring and helps increase the life of your pipette.

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