What Makes Sartorius Pipettes Different?

sartorius pipettes

With so many pipettes available on the market, it can be difficult to make sure you choose the best option. Sartorius pipettes stand out among the masses due to their quality and price. There are three key factors which act as the cornerstones in development of Sartorius pipettes: ergonomics, reliability, and design.

sartorius pipettes

Sartorius Pipettes: Meet Function and Design

Sartorius focuses on an ergonomic design, because they know the risks and hazards of repetitive pipetting. The shape and function of the human hand is considered in every step of the designing process so that the instruments can be handled comfortably and with minimal effort and strain.

In order to achieve absolutely reliable pipetting results, Sartorius keeps up with the latest technologies as well as innovates in-house. Their electronic brake, piston control system, and plate tracker for electronic pipettes are some of the most recent innovations that help to ensure the highest level of accuracy and precision.

The Attractive, yet practical, design of Sartorius Pipettes:

Furthermore, the lightweight and timeless design of Sartorius pipettes is both suitable for laboratory environments and appealing to users. Sartorius combined customer suggestions with extensive research to create incredibly balanced designs for all their products. Each component is designed to meet the highest standards.

The combination of these key factors are the reason Sartorius pipettes are widely used for liquid handling everywhere from pharmaceutical, healthcare, and research laboratories to research institutes and universities. The incredible attention to detail is what sets them apart from the rest.

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