End of Year Laboratory Balance SALE

To make things easier, we have laid out laboratory balance descriptions of Secura, Quintix, and Practum below to help with your ordering needs. Receive up to 40{e3916c1d2e04d7fd4153d6868f79f4ec321a3f2ed283d93ff21365e264a3239a} off these select Secura, Quintix, and Practum laboratory balances, for a limited time only!  For ordering contact – Kyrsten@scalepeople.com Practum Laboratory Balance Sale Intuitive touchscreen operations 7 integrated applications Supervisor Lock Durable and sturdy design Overload protection USB connection Below balance weighing Key Features: Part # Capacity Readability List Price SALE PRICE Practum124-1S 120g 0.1mg $2,100.00 $1,260.00 Practum224-1S 220g 0.1mg $2,500.00 $1,500.00 Practum3102-1S 3100g 0.01g $1,495.00 $897.00 Practum5100-1S 5100g 1g $900.00 $630.00 Practum5101-1S […]

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